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SurfaceChar Consulting and Measurement Services

SurfaceChar offers a complete measurement service in all AFM/SPM modes and nanoindentation with state of the art facilities. 

Measurement services for AFM/SPM 
All major SPM modes to image including:
tapping mode
contact mode
lateral force mode
phase imaging
bimodal/multifrequency methods
static force spectroscopy
dynamic force spectroscopy
magnetic force microscopy
kelvin probe microscopy
electrostatic force microscopy

We can measure all the common surface properties with AFM including:
material contrast
magnetic properties
electrical properties

Statistical analysis material properties, contact mechanics model fitting, image processing as well as data interpretation are also included.

Measurement services for nanoindentation 
Including quasistatic and dynamic measurements of:
Youngs modulus
Scratch testing
Wear testing
Viscoelastic parameters:  Storage modulus (E'), Loss modulus (E"), Loss tangent

Examples of SPM related guidance and services rendered to satisfied SurfaceChar customers:

In-house and third party measurement services of your sample by the experts!
What is the different information SPM can provide for my application?
What is the best mode of operation for my experiments?
How can I optimize my operating parameters?
How can SPM enhance/complement the information I am getting from other surface characterization techniques?
How can I identify artifacts in my imaging and my interpretation?
Are these properties that I am measuring accurate?
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