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Onsite and offsite AFM/SPM training
SurfaceChar is the premier AFM training service, offering over a dozen courses over 5 years in all aspects of AFM operation, technology, and applications applicable to ALL commercial AFM vendors.   We have taught globally over 100 students in our continually updated, hands-on AFM course.

SurfaceChar is pleased to offer AFM/SPM training at a site convenient to the customer location. Our training involves one-on-one interaction with the customer to address their specific imaging and characterization needs.   We have a wide range of expertise and have significant experience servicing the defense, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor, and chemicals industry.  This training is typically done with customer equipment, although options to bring in equipment for customer-based training is also possible.

We also offer a variety of multi-day workshops (1-day, 2-day, and 3-day) to provide customized training on scanning probe microscopy, nanoindentation, nanomechanical characterization, and application-specific characterization.

Our training will help you understand what measurements are possible, optimize the measurements on your samples, help design measurements for your application, and answer questions such as the ones below:

What is the different information SPM can provide for my application?
What is the best mode of operation for my experiments?
How can I optimize my operating parameters?
How can SPM enhance/complement the information I am getting from other surface characterization techniques?
How can I identify artifacts in my imaging and my interpretation?
Are these properties that I am measuring accurate?

Interesting in SPM/AFM training?  Contact us below