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SurfaceChar is pleased to offer TWO courses in the Fall 2017. Scroll below for details and registration info.
1) Nanomechanical Characterization with AFM.  Designed for advanced beginners/intermediate users with a focus on nanomechanical methods with AFM and nanoindentation.  To be held in Cambridge, MA
2) Introduction to AFM. Designed for beginners/entry-level scientists interested in learning more about AFM. To be held in Westmont, Il November 6-8 2017.
New!  Nanomechanical Characterization with AFM 

WHEN:  September 18-19 2017
WHERE:  MIT Cambridge, MA

Course overview

The focus of this course is on nanomechanical methods and so modes related to nanomechanical measurements including quantitative, semi-quantitative, and qualitative methods will be covered.  Both AFM-based and nanoindentation methods are included.

Course agenda includes:  Phase imaging and associated attractive/repulsive bistability, nanoindentation, static force spectroscopy, dynamic force spectroscopy, contact mechanics models (Hertz, DMT, JKR), dynamic contact methods (force modulation and contact resonance), tip-sample simulation tools, multifrequency methods, optical characterization.  Hands-on laboratory sessions will be conducted on Asylum Research (AFM) and Hysitron (nanoindentation) instrumentation

Registration is on a first-come first serve basis.   Payment is available below through paypal or credit card.  $1550 for industrial customers, $750 for academic (graduate student/postdoc) customers.

AFM Course Registration Fee - Select One

AFM Training Course, held in conjunction with Hooke College of Applied Sciences

WHEN:  Tuesday-Thursday, November 6-8, 2017
WHERE:  Hooke College of Applied Sciences, McCrone Group, Westmont IL

We are excited to be partnering with Hooke College of Applied Sciences through the McCrone Group to be offering this intensive, laboratory based training course.

Course overview

This overview of AFM/SPM is a practical, hands-on course to teach the principles of operation, basic and advanced imaging modes, and overall capabilities of atomic force microscopy/scanning probe microscopy. In lectures interwoven with labs on a variety of samples, students will learn, understand, and operate state-of-the-art microscopes.

This AFM/SPM course provides a foundation for students in the operation of atomic force microscopes to understand (and be able to select appropriately) the various modes and how best to operate the microscope by understanding the operating principles. At the end of the course, students will be able to set up an imaging experiment and run basic static and dynamic AFM modes. They will also gain an understanding of the various imaging parameters involved and how to optimize the parameters for best imaging results. Some advanced topics such as advanced imaging modes and simulation capabilities are also covered to provide students with a comprehensive background to the field. Finally, students will learn the various image processing tools available to properly analyze and interpret their images.

Course fee: $1750.  Due to the laboratory nature of this course, class size is limited so early registration is recommended. 

Full course details and registration info can be found at
Please email us at classes@ with any further questions. 
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