SurfaceChar LLC
8 Manns Hill Crescent
Sharon, MA 02067
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SurfaceChar Consulting Services

SurfaceChar offers a wide variety of consulting and measurement services in surface/materials characterization  including:

- Consulting on measurements, analysis, interpretation, application, usage in SPM/AFM/nanoindentation
- Nanomechanical Characterization consulting
- Litigation support for intellectual property matters

Physical chemistry/Materials Science 
- Science Writing in a variety of fields including nanotechnology, physical chemistry and materials science
(See Spotlightlight features in JACS as example)
- Technical marketing services
- newsletters
- customer interactions and surveys
- market overview
- web-based marketing (paid and organic)

Education and Beyond
- Onsite/offsite education courses in surface characterization
- Workshops on AFM operation and applications on basic, intermediate, advanced level
- Focus on industrial applications, ease of use, broad applications

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