SurfaceChar LLC
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SurfaceChar LLC offers surfaces and interfaces characterization, measurement consulting, and training services 

We  focus on nanoscale measurements including scanning probe microscopy/atomic force microscopy [SPM/AFM] and nanoindentation

SurfaceChar provides a wide array of services in analysis, interpretation, application, education, training, and best practices in surface characterization for customers with a wide range of experience.  SurfaceChar builds on over a decade’s experience in a vast application space spanning all sectors of the energy sector in such areas as polymers, tribology, lubrication, corrosion, metallurgy, geology, coatings, and more to solve practical, real-world problems.  

SurfaceChar is the premier AFM training service offering over a dozen courses over 5 years in all aspects of AFM operation, technology, and applications applicable to ALL commercial AFM instrumentation.   We have taught globally over 100 students in our continually updated, hands-on AFM course.

SurfaceChar has a broad experience with SPM/AFM instrumentation OEMs and provides technical marketing and technical writing services in the area of materials and surface characterization, nanotechnology, and scientific chemical instrumentation.  

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